Headteacher: Mrs Claire McKie

EYFS/KS1 teacher: Mrs Nicola Robinson

KS2 teachers:

  • Mrs Vanessa Brierley
  • Mr Jamie Rennie
  • Mrs Caroline Breeze

Computing teacher: Mr Craig Cowper

Office Manager: Mrs Sharon Stephenson

Support staff: Mrs Diane Bowe, Miss Lisa McClean, Mrs Caroline Breeze, Mrs Sharon Stephenson, Miss Emily Haycraft Miss Holly Stephenson

Pre-school Leader: Mrs Gillian Winder

Pre-school assistant: Mrs Janine Scott, Mrs Emma Lister

Catering assistant: Mrs Amy Irving

Midday supervisors: Miss Sheila Metcalf, Mrs Sharon Stephenson, Miss Lisa McClean, Mrs Gemma Stevens, Mrs Rachel Rowland, Miss Emily Haycraft, Mr Brian Stephenson

Cleaner in charge: Services provided by Britton Hillary Ltd

School governors:

  • Mr John Taylor (Chairman) (Office ends Sept 2025, elected by the Governing body in September 2017)
  • Reverend Stephen Banks (Vice chair) Ex Officio
  • Mr Alan Clouston   (Office ends June 2026, appointed by LA in June 2018)
  • Mrs Nicola Robinson      (Office ends June 2025, appointed by the staff in June 2021)
  • Mr Christopher Hill  (Office ends October 2026, appointed by the diocese in October 2018)
  • Mr Brian Stephenson (Office ends June 2027, appointed by the Governing Body in June 2023 )
  • Mrs Rebecca Watson (Office ends Jan 2028, appointed by the parent body in January 2024))
  • Miss Louise Saunders (Office ends Jan 2027, appointed by the parent body in January 2023)
  • Mrs Claire McKie   Ex Officio
  • Mrs Sharon Stephenson (clerk)
  • Mrs Gillian Winder, Associate Member

All Governing Body members have full voting rights, with the exception of Mrs Gillian Winder who is an associate member.

List of committees:

Performance Management Committee: Reverend Banks, A Clouston (Chair)  and an external advisor
Complaints Sub Committee: A Clouston, Dr S Grant
Appeals Sub Committee: Appointed as and when required.
Finance and staffing Committee: A Clouston, C McKie, Reverend Banks, J Taylor (Chair)
Buildings and Health and Safety  C McKie: C Hill (Chair) 
Progress and achievement including Performance Monitoring Committee (PAC) includes SEN, R.E. Equality & Diversity and Attendance: C. McKie, C Hill, N Robinson, J Taylor, (Chair)

List of responsibilities:

Safeguarding: J Taylor
Staffing: C McKie
R.E. C Hill
SEN: L Saunders
Link: B Stephenson
Online Safer Recruitment Training: C McKie, J Taylor

Business interest of governing body members:

Mr John Taylor- Plumbland Village Hall 
Mr Chris Hill-Roland Hill


Reverend Banks is a governor in other local CE schools.

Structure of Governing Body
The governing body of Plumbland CE School consists of:

2 parent governors
1 LA governor
1 staff governor
1 headteacher
2 foundation governors
3 co-opted governors

Total governors= 10

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