Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Underpinning our formally taught curriculum we aim to develop the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of all children at Plumbland CE School. Through Collective Worship, assemblies, curriculum enrichment activities and linking with other schools we aim to ensure children become valuable members of their community and the wider global community. We are a ‘healthy school’ and through Science, P.E. PSHE and other areas of our curriculum we promote both physical and emotional well being.


Explore beliefs and experience, respect values, discover oneself and the surrounding world, use imagination and creativity.

As a school we believe that children need to arrive at their own personal spiritual and moral beliefs, through understanding and questioning. As in all subjects the teaching of R.E. must be related to the ages and abilities of the children being taught. The beliefs of each child and every family will be respected.

Examples of spiritually enhancing activities at Plumbland CE School:

  • Regular acts of worship led by Reverend Banks/ Reverend Gilroy
  • Following a PSHE curriculum supported by ‘Jigsaw.’ (see PSHE section for details)
  • Daily act of Collective Worship in which reflection time is included where we light a candle. Children lead Friday Collective Worship in which a prayer/ thought is always included.
  • Discovering spirituality within the forest through nature.


Recognise right and wrong, understand consequences, investigate moral and ethical issues, offer reasoned views.

We have an easy to understand behaviour agreement in school which is regularly shared with the children and displayed within the classrooms. The school council have devised playground rules, in which all children were consulted. We encourage children to reflect on right and wrong decisions. Through our assemblies and in lessons the children in our school consider both ‘real life’ and hypothetical dilemmas that face people in our world.


Use social skills in different contexts, work well with others, resolve conflicts, understand how communities work.

We encourage children of all ages to work together within our school. At playtimes our Year 5/6 Young Leaders facilitate games for the younger children, encouraging all year groups to play together. Junior children assist Infant children with planning their assemblies and producing Powerpoint presentations. Year 6 buddies help new Reception children at lunchtimes. We have regular shared reading sessions where children from different age goups are pared together. We participate in regular activities with our cluster group of schools eg Africa Day, Pakistan Day, Eco Day. This gives us the opportunity to socialise with children from different schools.


Appreciate cultural influences, participate in culture opportunities, understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.

We encourage children to celebrate diversity within our own school community and beyond. As a school we actively particiapte in local events and traditions such as the Plumbland church festival. We have regular stories and learn songs from other cultures. We have participated in theme days with our local cluster of schools, learning about each others communities as well as more wider communities and cultures within the world eg Africa, Pakistan days. At these days we have met people from these countries, learning first hand about life there. Our Year 5 and 6 children went to visit a mosque in Ulverston alongside children from the schools within our cluster. We had a whole school assembly on Chinese New Year delivered by Tian who now works on the Education team at Tullie House. Our Infant children enjoy their African drumming sessions with Zo Zo.