EYFS/Key Stage 1

Our topic for this term is ‘Me and my world.’ We will learn about how animals including humans have offspring that grow into adults and their basic needs- water, food and air. We will also learn about the importance of exercise, eating the right amounts and types of food and hygiene.

For the second part of this term our topic is ‘let there be light.’ We will distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. We will identify and name a variety of everyday materials including wood, plastic, water and rock. We will describe the simple physical properties of everyday materials.

Key Stage 2

Our topic for this term is Electricity. We will identify common appliances that run on electricity and construct a simple series electrical circuit. We will identify common loop- lamp, buzzer, bulb, motor. We will experiment with switches, conductors, insulators and investigate how to change brightness, loudness etc. We will also learn about electrical safety and electrical sources and sources of energy.