Key Stage 1

Our topic for this term is ‘The Great fire of London’ and we will be comparing past and present day London and thinking about what London looked like in 1666. We will also learn about Samuel Pepys, the events of the Great Fire and write our own diary entries after creating a timeline. We will also consider how things changed after the Great Fire.

Key Stage 2

Year 3 and 4

Our topic for the Autumn Term is the ‘Indus Valley Civilisation’ and we will consider when did the Indus Valley exist and how we know, how did city planning improve settlements, the invention of sanitation systems, why were the Indus people successful at trading and technologies that were invented at that time.

Year 5 and 6

Our topic for the Autumn Term is Prehistoric Britain and we will think about what evidence there is about prehistoric people, how did early humans live in the Mesolithic era, what changes happened in the Neolithic era, what did prehistoric people do differently in the Bronze Age and what changes happened in the Iron Age.