Early Years Foundation Stage

We currently have ten  Reception children within our Early Years and Key Stage one class. They follow a learning programme which covers the areas of learning for the Early Years Foundation stage and includes daily outdoor activities and independent learning opportunities.

Key stage one class

Within our Key Stage 1 class we have nine Year one and seven Year two children. Activities carried out can be whole class, small group , paired and individual. We also work in mixed age groups and the children have access to an independent learning programme.

We emphasise the importance of using resources within our learning to enhance the learning opportunities available.

Key Stage two class

Within our class we currently have five Year three, eleven Year 4, six Year 5 and seven Year six children. We usually carry out our tasks within our year groups but sometimes we work within mixed age groups. Our activities include whole class, small group, paired and individual arrangements. We also have adult led tasks and sometimes we are asked to work independently.

Every morning for Maths and English and for the majority of our lessons except for P.E. and Art the class is split into two classes (Years 3,4) and (Years 5,6). This enables our children to work in smaller class groups.