Autumn Term 2023

We began our new school year with welcoming our seven new starters in Reception who settled in very quickly, as did the other children in their new year groups.

We were joined by parents and members of our community at St Cuthbert’s Church, Plumbland for our annual Harvest Festival and our children sang and completed their readings brilliantly. Year six children showed how responsible they were by serving refreshments to the community after the service.

Our first themed morning of the year was History where we placed key events through time on a huge timeline starting with the extinction of the woolly mammoth right up to the present day and the crowning of our new king this year. Our other activities focused on the sinking of the Titanic, the Battle of Hastings, the Great Plague, Olympic games through the years, Viking invasions and the first moon landing. The children were particularly keen on the moon bread they baked.

Children in year five and six completed their Cyclewise training and other sporting events we have participated in include dodgeball and cross country competitions and swimming tuition for children in Key Stage two and multi sports tuition and a skills based festival for our infants.

Our curriculum has been enhanced by some trips this term including a visit to the Beacon at Whitehaven for our children in Reception, Year one and two. We had a fascinating workshop on Toys from the past and enjoyed exploring the museum. Our infant children were excited at the re-telling of the Christmas Story by the team at Bassenfell manor and the whole school enjoyed their visit to Theatre by the Lake to see ‘The Little Princess.’ Children in Years three, four, five and six visited Tullie House museum to view the display of the Roman figureheads found in the archaeological dig at Carlisle Cricket club as well as having a tour of the whole museum. We also welcomed the V Tech team who delivered Science and Technology workshops on Bridge building and Electricity. Towards the end of term we had a fascinating talk from Peter Nutsford who has travelled to and lived in Africa as part of a project on helping endangered animals.

Plumbland CE school council planned fund raising activities for Children in Need where we raised money and participated in craft activities, puzzles, competitions, baking and we dressed in non uniform.

Children in Years three, four, five and six have taken part in the Forest learning programme. Activities have included den building, exploring the stream, collecting items for the Forest museum, playing ‘catch a falling leaf and make a wish,’ developing our whittling skills, finding and classifying interesting fungi, planting hawthorn, hazel and downy birch trees, observing the seasonal changes in the forest and a forest school talent show,

Our new well being sensory garden was officially opened by Tony Rutherford, Chairperson of the Parish Council and afterwards we had festive refreshments in Plumbland Village Hall, served by our year five and six children. Our garden includes plants of different textures, colours, shapes and smells, corinthian bell wind chimes with a calming effect, a water feature, bird feeders and pebbles displaying tje Christian values we promote; trust, friendship, wisdom, justice, thankfulness and forgiveness.

Festive activities in school have included a Christmas craft morning, our whole school concert titled ‘Straw and Order’ which was performed brilliantly by our children and enjoyed by all, a Christmas lunch and a school/ community Carol Service at church. We also raised money for Save the Children by taking part in Christmas jumper day.

Our fundraising group Fops have had a busy term raising fund for our school which we are always very grateful for. They have organised a light party, a conker evening, breakfast with Santa, tombola and refreshments after our concert and a very successful Winter market.